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Love Calculator – Love Survey

We offer most likely the only true love barometer.

We calculate the era compatibility right now! Should you and your beloved will meet today? The test is based on ancient Egyptian numerology and lunar phases, which have great impact on people and their behavior. Moon’s postition is changing every day, whyyour relationship and your responses may differ from day to day! We will help you maintain the relationship, finding a new love and to look ahead!

Numerology - pseudoscience

For centuries, people have been interested in the mysteries of their names. Your namecarries a lot of information about the person’s life, behavior, habits. In early age found the people key to the numerology of knowledge and how to decode their names. We sharethis knowledge with you.

You should only use our calculation as a guideline and not rely on it to 100%. Sometimes, calculations can differ, but it is exceptional cases and can not be avoided. but in any case
we provide a fairly accurate result.